Welcome to the home page of the Omaha NAACP! 

We are always looking for new members.

Call (402) 345-6227 or email for details.

PO BOX 11122
Omaha, Nebraska  68111
Twitter:  @OmahaNAACP



What's New?

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Omaha Branch Officers
President - Vickie R. Young
1st Vice President - Eugenia Dortch
2nd Vice President - Rev. Ed Rollerson
Secretary - Patrice Pittman
Assistant Secretary - Arnitria Smith

Executive Committee:
ACT-SO Chairperson:  Jennifer Keys
By-Laws Chairperson:  Alberta Nelson
Health Chairperson:  Steven Jackson
Political Action Chairperson:  Ron Snow
Veterans Chairperson:  Eddie Nelson
Youth Council President:  Tylondra Smith

At-Large Executive Committee Members:
Gwen Breakfield
Marita Franklin
Randall Corbin
Victoria Corbin

Upcoming Events:

ACT-SO Showcase @ Love’s Jazz and Arts Center Sunday, May 22, 2016.
Juneteenth Parade Celebration  Saturday, June18, 2016.


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